Why ISBB ?

We, the international counterparts of Dewey International Education and Training (DIET), adhere to the Joint Announcement about the newly renamed Dewey International School – Elite as follows: Due to the proven success of the education quality of Dewey International School – Elite Campus, and, due to the strong involvement from Australian and American counterparts of DIET, Dewey International School – Elite will now become a more internationally recognized school under the guidance of these counterparts. From the 2020 – 2021 school year onwards, it will have a new, unique name: The International School of Battambang.

ការច្នៃប្រតិដ្ឋ - ការរៀបចំ - ការជឿជាក់

Creativity - Preparation - Confidence
创造 - 预备 - 信心

International School of Battambang ( ISBB) is the highest standard international school in the western region of Cambodia, founded to satisfy the needs of the unique international standard of K-12 education. Globally speaking, as a result of my years of local and international experience in building quality human resources, starting from Early Childhood Education to University levels, I can definitely testify that ISBB is the place with loving and caring education in the industrial revolution 4.0, and yet it is the place to unlock your child’s potential. The aspect of ISBB that makes it truly unique is its international outlook – international curriculum, international testing and accreditation in all subjects, and opportunities for study abroad and visits to foreign schools. Many students in northwestern Cambodia have felt compelled to travel to Phnom Penh to find similar institutions, but now they can remain closer to home while obtaining an education of equivalent standards. ISBB rivals the finest Phnom Penh schools in quality of expatriate staff, extracurricular facilities, sports and music, and classroom technology. We will be working together for the quality of education enhancing our prosperous society.

ព្រឹត្តិបត្រព័ត៌មាន / The News@ISBB

Student Activities

Students' Extra Benefits

Study Tours
International Student Exchange Program

10,000 USD/year scholarship study in CVCA , The United States of America

24/7 insurance locally internationally


Partner School

Join Project With VSSEC

In 2019, Dewey International School (DIS) completed an online joint learning project with a scientist and teacher at the Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC), Melbourne, Australia, and 24 students and 4 teachers at DIS in Battambang with 2 visiting experts from Australia. The project included our students learning the skills of scientists or engineers and later they had to work together to control a robotic rover and collect rock and soil samples from a replica landscape of Mars. The rover and model landscape were in Melbourne, and Mission Control, with our students, was in Battambang, and our students as scientists and engineers successfully controlled the rover and collected the samples. This mission was completed live online. It was the first time VSSEC had completed this project with students outside of Australia! We are pleased to announce that VSSEC have confirmed that ISBB will continue with other joint projects with them starting in 2021.

Students' Parents

អាណាព្យាបាលសិស្ស៖ ណុប រ៉ូប៊ី

អាណាព្យាបាលសិស្ស៖ ទុយ សុរម្យនា

អាណាព្យាបាលសិស្ស៖ សួង វិផាស៊ុ

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