Chinese Program

Chinese Program

Ms. Po Bunnika

Po bunnika(彭邦妮)毕业于中国哈尔滨市东北农业大学是一位优秀的学生。这八年在中国给予她优势的学习汉语条件。她考了汉语水平考试五级得了较高的成绩以及参加了有名的汉语桥比赛节目。“我相信学好一门语言并没有捷径,决心和坚持很重要。”
Po Bunnika graduated from Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin city, China. She studied in Chinese program for eight years. She has passed the examination of Chinese Efficiency with a high score.”I believe there is no shortcut way to learn a language well. It always requires commitment and consistency.”

Mr. Moeuk Rithy

Moeuk Rithy (狄胜利) 是一位优秀硕士研究生。 他在中国,四川轻化工大学读管理。这两年在中国留学,他经历了很多条件因为在课程中他们只用汉语。他已经考过了汉  语水平五级而得了高的成绩。 最近他在孔子学院参加了 “ 2020柬埔寨本土教师培训”,得到了丰富经验。他相信 : 精诚所至。金石为开“
Moeuk Rithy is a master candidate from the Sichuan University of Science and Engineering, Sichuan, China. He studied Master of Industrial Management in Chinese program. He was in China for 2 years, he has learned a lot of things Chinese and he passed the Chinese standard HSK5 with a high score. He also completed a local Chinese Teaching Pedagogy course at Confucius institute. He believes that, “if we focus on what we need, we will get it.”

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