Vision & Mission


To provide the highest quality education in Cambodia and create opportunities for the International School of Battambang (ISBB) students to engage productively with the local and global communities.


Our mission is to create a student-centred environment by implementing best practices in teaching and learning and providing favorable conditions to unlock learners’ potential, develop their critical thinking, discipline, morality and communication skills in order to enable them to achieve success and to help them to become productive, socially responsible, competitive, team-oriented and innovative members of local and international communities. We practice this through our foundation of ‘learning by doing’ under quality education and a holistic approach which includes ethics, discipline morality, STE(A)M subjects and universal knowledge and thus creating a strong foundation for their better futures and life-long learning. Together we imagine, explore, persist, challenge and support each other to set our goals and expectations for the future gains. We emphasize international connection and growth because our internationally aware and connected youth are the hope of the Cambodian nation.

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