Madam Chair’s Welcome Message & Testimonials

Madam Chair's Welcome Message

Gwen Higaki, MBA Chair of DIET Advisory Council

I am proud to introduce the International School of Battambang to northwestern Cambodia and southeast Asia. Under the watchful eyes of our Australian and American advisors, the leaders of Dewey International Education and Training will build a reputable and internationally recognized school. I want ISBB to be a valuable and respected credential when our graduates proudly add it to their CVs.


Vernon Higaki, BSEE, Executive Committee Member, DIET Advisory Council

I am excited to announce the opening of the International School of Battambang. This is the latest addition to the Dewey International education system, and it will provide even greater opportunities for the education of students in northwestern Cambodia.

Raymond Zepp, Ph.D. A member of the Executive Committee of the Dewey Advisory Board

I can assure you that ISBB is living up to its name as an “International School” Not only does ISBB follow a truly international curriculum, it is assessed and evaluated at international accreditation standards in all subjects at all levels. We are the only school in region to offer such international standards, which are recognized everywhere in the world.

Vice Principal Bruce Chaplin in charge of safety and Facilities Management

A WONDERFUL PLACE TO LEARN. I welcome you to the facilities of ISBB of which I have the privilege and responsibility of maintaining and developing. I have been successfully working on facilities management in some of the top schools in Australia and New Zealand for a number of years. I will ensure that ISBB facilities will reflect the excellence of the education we provide.

Patrick J. Macaulay, MS. Economics, University of Hawaii BA Education, Ohio State University

The implementation of the Cambridge International Curriculum at ISSB is a significant development improving the quality of education in western Cambodia. As a CAIE instructor at international schools in China and Myanmar, I have seen how inspired students become by studying the same materials and taking the same exam as other students at Cambridge international schools around the world. And the students grow not only academically, but also mature as global citizens with an international perspective through the Cambridge learning system.

John Parker As Director of the American Center for English Studies

I can say that the International School Battambang (ISBB) is an excellent example of Dewey’s commitment to delivering top quality educational opportunities for Cambodian students. By providing instruction in English from fully qualified native English speakers in high quality facilities, students are receiving the best preparation to meet their future goals in life.

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