Welcome Message

Warmest welcome to ISBB

Khem Reaksmey, M.Ed., MBA

Founder and CEO

International School of Battambang ( ISBB) is to become the highest international school in the western region of Cambodia, founded to satisfy the needs of the unique international standard of K-12 education. Globally speaking, as a result of my years of local and international experience in building quality human resources, starting from Early Childhood Education to University levels, I can definitely testify that ISBB is the place with loving and caring education in the industrial revolution 4.0, and yet it is the place to unlock your child’s potential. The aspect of ISBB that makes it truly unique is its intermational outlook – international curriculum, international testing and accreditation in all subjects, and opportunities for study abroad and visits to foreign schools. Students in northwestern Cambodia have felt compelled to travel to Phnom Penh to find similar institutions, but now they can remain closer to home while obtaining an education of equivalent standards. ISBB rivals the finest Phnom Penh schools in quality of expatriate staff, extracurricular facilities, sports and music, and classroom technology. We will be working together for the quality of education enhancing our prosperous society.

Mr. Rob Rindzevicius, M.Ed.



That is what drives us at ISBB. We achieve this through our active learning programmes based on the Cambridge curriculum. Our five values drive how we operate. They include safety, security, health, and hygiene. We promote positive self-image and morality. We strive to develop each child’s confidence and successful learning outcomes. We encourage strong relationships with our students’ parents and guardians because we believe that the best way for a child to succeed is when the students, their parents and the school all work closely together. We welcome you to our truly international school where our students have many opportunities to succeed locally and internationally.

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