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The Faculty of Arts, Letters, and Humanities (F.A.L.H.) seeks to provide the means for undergraduate and graduate students to have a strong cultural basis and to acquire a liberal education, an education that broadens students’ understanding of all humankind __ ancient and modern people __by studying all aspects of human’s ways of living, behaviors, and ideas, while providing students with in-depth knowledge in their chosen areas of focus.The Faculty aims at providing students with, both undergraduate and graduate, knowledge and skill on traditional and modern societies. The Faculty helps students to develop the conceptual and technical skills to bring to fruition their individual interpretation of the world through programs and activities, including the use of most recent and developed technology for teaching, aiming at achieving excellence, efficiency, and equity. The objective keywords are: Vibrant, Systematic, Active, Progressive, Creative, Innovative, Regionally and Internationally Standardized and Competitive, and Modern.

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Arts ,Humanities and Language

1810 Campus Way NE
Bothell, WA 98011-8246

[email protected]

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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Methodology Courses (6 Credits)
Code Courses Credits
BRM 1 Business Research Methods 3 Credits
DEV 1 Qualitative Research Methods 3 Credits
RMSS 3 Research Methods in Social Science 3 Credits
ECON 44 Econometric 3 Credits
QMM 5 Quantitative Methods of Manager 3 Credits
RMBA 6 Research Methods for Business and Consultancy 3 Credits
Methodology Courses (9 Credits)
Code Courses Credits
STBU 7 Statistics For Business and Economics 3 Credits
MECO 8 Managerial 3 Credits
MACC 9 Managerial Accounting 3 Credits
Methodology Courses (6 Credits)
Code Courses Credits
HRMHT 10 HRM for the Hospitality and Tourism 3 Credits
MMHT 11 Managing Marketing in the Hospitality and Tourism 3 Credits
HTTI 12 Hospitality Tourism Technology and Innovation 3 Credits
HRM 14 Hospitality Retail Management 3 Credits
FMHDK 15  Financial Management for Hospitality Decision Makers 3 Credits
Elective Courses (6 Credits) + 1 Credit (Seminar)
Code Courses Credits
KHMT 16 Knowledge Management Hospitality and Tourism    3 Credits
SMHT 17 Strategic Management for Hospitality and Tourism   3 Credits
ESBB 18 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management in the Hospitality Industry  3 Credits
OPM 19 Global Hospitality and Tourism Management Technologies   3 Credits
TPP 20 Tourism Policy and Planning  3 Credits
ITCB 21 International Tourism:Culture and Behavior   3 Credits
IGHM 22 Introduction to Global Hospitality Management  3 Credits
SHT 23  Seminar on Research Methodology in Hospitality and Tourism  3 Credits
Master’s Thesis    

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